Water Treatment Project

Water Treatment Project Introduction 1. The production capacity of our water treatment project is available from 1T/H to 1000T/H. 2. Our water treatment project mainly includes raw water tank, multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, softener, precision filter, intermediate water tank, RO system or UF system, cleanout water tank, UV sterilizer, or zone generator, terminal water tank.  3. This water treatment equipment can be connected with the filling machine provided by us. 4. According to different desired standard of the purified water and the quality of the raw water, customized water treatment projects for specific applications are also available with us. 5 We provide a one-year warranty for all our water treatment equipment and offer services and spare parts for free during the warranty. Joysun is a China water treatment project manufacturer and supplier. We have about 15 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic processing machinery and beverage production lines for drinking water and beverage industries. In addition to water treatment project, we can also offer other solutions like PET preform production line, cap production line, bottle production line, beverage production line, water treatment project, etc. Please keep browsing or contact us directly, and we will help you find the best water treatment project for your specific demand!

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